Competition Rules:


  1. All runs will be timed and measured; if competitor makes it through the pit, runs will be timed, and if you get stuck your distance will be measured to the front of tires.

  2. Run times start when your tires break the start beam, time is stopped when front tires cross the finish line and RED flag is dropped.

  3. Measured runs will be measured when all forward motion stops.

  4. NO BACKING UP you will be disqualified for that run.

  5. Winner of class will be determined either by fastest time or furthest distance.

  6. If Red flag is waved during your run you are being shut down for mechanical reasons for your safety and the spectator’s safety, failing to stop will result in disqualification.

  7. Tow hookup rules are dependent on each individual pit. Rules will be announced prior to starting, at the driver meeting.

  8. When hooking up you must be in Neutral with hands up and visible to officials.

  9. Do not move until you are told you can move.

  10. You must be in Neutral while being removed from pit!  No exceptions.

  11. Only one passenger unless otherwise directed by hosting event.

  12. Must be ready to run when it’s your turn or lose your run.