Meeting Minutes

Dec 7/ 18

Meeting was called to order @ 19:10 @ Gouw Onion Shop in Taber

17 people present

Clubs represented: Medicine Hat, Taber, Coaldale, Raymond, Brooks, Pincher Creek

Dustin reviewed the minutes from the 2018 meeting.

Vehicle Rules:

-Garry Fletcher moved to amend the call out of drivers: A Vehicle my be called out if suspected of being over horsepower by a driver in the same class as the vehicle being called out. This callout may be made only at the event that the vehicle is in question. Seconded by Greg Chartier. carried.

Class Rules:

-Jason Cote moved to amend U-joint guards: U-joint guards are required for pro stock and up and are recommended for super stock. Seconded by Gerald Huber. Carried

- Logan Gouw moved to add sea-level horse power numbers to Prostock and Modified. Seconded by Greg Chartier. carried.

-Richard Johnston move to amend Dyno Parameters- Dyno Drum parameters to be determined by the dyno operator. Seconded by Garry Flectcher. Carried.

Safety Infractions need to be emailed out to all event organizers after they are discovered.

Adjourned 21:10